Partner program

Anyone can take part in the partner program, it is enough to register and get an partner link in your account to attract customers.

When you carry out exchange operations with your clients, you will receive interest on the exchange amount on your internal balance. When exchanging 1 USD with a client attracted by you, you get 1 partner point.

The partner program is cumulative, therefore, depending on the profit you receive, partner points are credited, on which the size of the partner percentage depends. The dependency is shown in the table below.

The minimum withdrawal of partner funds is 10 USD. To withdraw funds, the number of unique clients you have attracted must be more than 10.

Our partners

Monitoring of exchangers Saratov monitor of electronic exchangers, WebMoney credit machines, or foreign exchange Monitoring AllChange

Level Points Bonus amount
1 up to 0.05
2 up to 0.07
3 up to 0.10
4 up to 0.12
5 up to 0.15
6 up to 0.17
7 up to 0.20
8 up to 0.60